First Paperless Board Meeting of HVPNL


Taking a step forward towards ‘Go Green Initiative’, HVPNL has conducted 190th Board of Directors Meeting held on dated 02.08.2019 through paperless mode using laptops. This is the first such instance where no papers are used for discussing the agendas and making decisions. Following benefits have been achieved by implementing this paperless BOD:

  1. Accessibility: The agendas were shared by the office of Company Secretary through drive/link to the members of BOD. This increased the accessibility as agendas can be accessed anywhere either on laptop or mobile. No need to carry bulky paper sets.
  1. Paper Saving: Earlier each department had to prepare/submit 15 sets of their Agenda for further submission in BOD meeting. Each such agenda contains approx. 10-40 pages and there are approx. 30-35 agendas (including Annexures) in meeting.

       For implementing paperless BOD, only one set was required. Hence, a lot of paper was saved.

  1. Saving of man-hours: Multiple officials usually get involved in photo-copying, compiling and sorting of agendas/documents. All such effort has been saved by implementing paper-less BOD.
  2. Security/Secrecy: Since agenda download links were shared with only intended officers. This implementation also increases the security/secrecy of agendas.



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